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Personal Training

Certified Personal Training services.

Our variety of trainers specialize in Functional Training, Sports conditioning, Agility training, Military readiness, Corrective Training, Boxing and Disability Ability.
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Why Should YOU have a personal trainer?

Here are the benefits of working individually with a certified professional:

  • Correct muscle imbalances which if not addressed can lead to injury
  • Have a healthy heart, lungs, and spirit
  • Improve your overall health and vitality
  • Increase energy and feel more awake
  • Relieve stress from the work week
  • Lose weight and maintain it!
  • Tone up, lean up, bulk up, and/or tighten up (what’s your fitness goal?)
  • Decrease your chances of illness
  • Possibly reverse illnesses
  • Strengthen your spine
  • Look, feel, and BE better than you were yesterday!

We even have some trainers who are registered dietitians and massage therapists.

So… what are you waiting for? We have thee BEST trainers in the field right here at Limelight Fitness and they are happy to take you on as a client.


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